Build customer insight
& create interactions

Be there when your customer makes the decision.

Interact with customers on their terms

By monitoring and measuring the way customers access your company information from their mobile phones, tablets, PCs and other devices, you can start to understand when and how a customer will make a buying decision. This understanding allows you to provide the right kind of information to push the conversion process and support buying decisions.

Turn browse into buy

Do your customers feel like you know their needs and requirements for your product or service? Taking everything we learn about the customer with SAP Hybris Marketing and combining that knowledge with SAP Hybris Commerce brings a unique and powerful experience to each customer.

integrated suite of tools for marketers

the sap hybris commerce, marketing and billing suites

SAP Hybris Products for Commerce

SAP Hybris Products for Commerce

An enterprise e-commerce platform that offers your customers a seamless online shopping experience. Development flexibility combined with cost-effective packaged applications provides the best foundation for your commerce needs.


SAP Hybris Products for Marketing

SAP Hybris Products for Marketing

Bring context to digital marketing to anticipate or meet audience needs. Accurate market segmentation, campaign optimizing and nurturing leads help you deliver personalized experiences and increase conversions.

SAP Hybris Products for Billing

SAP Hybris Products for Billing

Enable the monetization of subscription and usage-based services in real-time. Flexible, scalable and highly-automated billing, invoicing and revenue management allows you to implement new pricing models and create targeted offers.

SAP Hybris Commerce & Marketing - Learn more and do more with your customer data

  • Understanding the

    • Data Management
    • Market Segmentation Recommendations

  • Leading the
    customer journey

    • Conversion Marketing
    • Customer Acquisition
    • Loyalty Programs

  • Developing Insights
    for the future

    • Marketing Planning
    • Marketing Orchestration
    • Customer Insights
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SAP Hybris Billing - Collect and Manage Revenue and Subscription

  • Subscription Management and Pricing Agility

    Subscription Management and Pricing Agility helps you monetize high-volume subscription and usage-based services in real-time and share revenue with partners of your network.

  • Billing and Revenue Management

    Billing and Revenue Management enables improved customer service and lower DSO with transparent invoicing and watertight revenue management.

  • Mediation and Service Control

    Usage Mediation and Service Control helps you simplify usage data consolidation across systems and provide service control in real-time.

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