msgNETCONOMY-Services for
Suppliers of Service & Spare Parts in B2B


Industrial enterprises – especially manufacturers of investment goods – are required to provide their customers with convenient system environments, by means of which they can – for example – order services or spare parts at regular or irregular intervals – ideally automated.

Users should be able to see their spare parts, consumable materials and additional components from their product or the installed base, and will be able to follow them in an order history. Additionally existing assortments of merchandise can also be proposed and purchased online.

The development of central (ERP-)product databases as well as the depiction of the relationship between investment goods (equipment) and accessories, spare parts and consumables are the main focus. Especially in the B2B sector, it is essential to formulate and support your sales structures efficiently and to increase your customers’ loyalty by providing precise services.

Thanks to digital processes, there is an immense efficiency potential in processing, especially in service and spare parts business. Customers can, for example, be enabled to select and order the desired spare parts by means of 3D visualizations, to request information on the installation or the appropriate services, and thus to service themselves in an uncomplicated manner. Ideally rounded off by precise product recommendations and automated support such as replenishment orders, etc.

msgNETCONOMY offers you a comprehensive understanding of these complex requirements in the service and spare parts business and knows the necessary background processes for optimizing and digitizing these business areas.


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