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Digitalization of the banking industry is progressing rapidly and has begun to eliminate many barriers to classical banking procedures: From restricted hours of operation to local availability or adequate provision of product and service information to modern closure processes.
An especially rapid increase in online transactions can be observed in the target groups including younger private customers as well as those in the corporate customer segment – from transfers to balances or securities transactions.

Not only the changing customer behavior, but also novel competitors such as FinTechs or innovative investment or payment methods generate movement within the industry. Banks are now more than ever required to plan for the future of their services provided: Omnichannel is becoming increasingly important for offering products and services across all channels. Challenges which come with this are the integration of existing manual processes as well as the aggregation of data from third party systems or partner and subsidiary companies.
It is more critical than ever to initiate contracts online and to complete them via different channels in order to be able to survive the growing dynamic competition.

The Financial Services Accelerator (FSA) empowers financial institutions to speed-up their digital transformation and compete in the omni-channel world. It provides a streamlined, seamless and personalized customer experience while meeting the unique needs of the insurance and financial services industry.


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